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Tourists from St. Petersburg are again prevented from planning trips to the south

Tourists from St. Petersburg and Murmansk have once again been limited in the depth of sales for certain southern trains departing at the height of the summer season. This was noticed by tourists who decided to purchase tickets for the dates they needed 90 days before departure: “It is not possible to buy seats on train No. 259 to Anapa from June 30, although they are already selling tickets for other destinations on July 3.” Similar restrictions apply to No. 293 Murmansk – Anapa, which is of interest to many vacationers before their vacation, including families.

This is the second restriction in a short time. Previously, the depth of sales was reduced to a larger number of southern routes with departures from mid-May to early June. This is due to the planned road repairs during the summer season. Carriers are forced to wait for final approval of the work schedule in order to adjust the schedule.

Based on the experience of previous restrictions, train tickets will go on sale later. But the specific dates are unknown. And this causes tension among tourists, who already find it difficult to buy tickets for the necessary trains: “I’m so tired of this already, I’ll have to buy tickets through the ticket office. How do you know when there will be a sale?!! – people are indignant.

The restrictions apply to trains that, moving from the north, enter Moscow at the Eastern Station. And after that they head south from here. For example, train No. 277 St. Petersburg – Anapa remains on sale, but it goes from Tver to Ryazan without stopping in Moscow.

The demand for tickets to Anapa from St. Petersburg is much higher than from Murmansk. For those who are not ready to take risks and wait until sales open, you can think about a trip with a transfer in Moscow. The Russian Railways reservation system automatically offers options with Sapsan, which greatly increases the cost of the trip. If you search on your own, you can find more budget options. True, there is a minus – in almost all cases you will have to move between the capital’s stations.

Murmansk residents are offered a convenient connection in Voronezh – there is only a two-hour transfer. The cost and travel time are comparable to direct flights. But there are few tickets.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Russian Railways was removing double-decker trains from the Moscow-St. Petersburg route in order to send them to the south.

Source: Tourdom



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