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Tourists from the canceled Southwind flights will be sent from Moscow to Egypt by AZUR air

Today and tomorrow, March 31, tourists who were supposed to be transported from Moscow to the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh by Southwind Airlines will be taken to Egypt by another air carrier – AZUR air. This agreement, according to our information, was reached by tour operators – customers of Southwind flights.

Let us remember that yesterday, first Finland and then other EU countries accused the Turkish airline of allegedly being connected with Russia and banned it from flying over Europe. The Southwind airliner, which operates a flight program on the route Moscow – Sharm el-Sheikh for the Egyptian carrier Air Cairo, had to urgently change the route from Egypt to the Russian capital on March 29. Flight went with a significant delay just this morning. The plane had to make a long detour, skirting the Black Sea from the east.


As for future prospects, all we know today is that the tour operator Pegas had to refuse from the charter program announced for the summer season from Kaliningrad to Antalya (Turkey). It was supposed to be carried out exactly on the sides of Southwind. The general director of the company, Anna Podgornaya, explained that Kaliningrad tourists who have already purchased tours will be offered flights to Turkey from St. Petersburg or Moscow as an alternative, or money will be returned to those who are not satisfied with this option.

According to aviation experts, the cost of flights from Kaliningrad to Antalya without flying over Europe may be prohibitively high. However, as far as Moscow and many other Russian cities are concerned, there is nothing stopping Southwind from flying the same routes as Russian airlines. “This is associated with slightly higher costs, but is not fatal for the carrier’s economy,” believes Roman Gusarov, editor-in-chief of the avia.ru portal.

It remains to be seen what decision Southwind will make on further flight plans from Russia.

Source: Tourdom



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