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Tourists going to Thailand in April should not delay purchasing tours

One of the travel agents shared with the TourDom.ru portal a recent case from his practice, showing what the current situation is with booking tours to Thailand for April dates.

Its tourists planned a holiday in Phuket from April 10 to 17 – during the Thai New Year – Songkran (traditionally celebrated from April 13 to 15, but this year it was decided to hold festive events during the first three weeks of this month. – Ed.). The tour was booked and partial prepayment was made. And a couple of days later it turned out that the employer could not provide the previously agreed leave. In case of cancellation of the trip, 50% of the hotel cost was withheld, which is 120 thousand rubles. The hotel was chosen to be expensive, and that was the amount of the fine they imposed, and, accordingly, the actual expenses incurred by the tour operator. As a result, the tourists managed to agree on a vacation, did not have to cancel the reservation and lose a considerable amount.

During Songkran, almost as many tourists from abroad arrive in Thailand on holiday as during the traditional New Year. Travel is especially popular during this period among guests from China and neighboring countries of Southeast Asia. Hoteliers allocate increased quotas for Chinese clientele. For other foreign markets, a number of popular hotels, even with long-term contracts, do not have guaranteed rooms for the period from April 1 to April 20. Some hotels provide places, but the penalties for canceling reservations are draconian.

It is advisable for tourists to take this fact into account. Canceling a booked tour for April can lead to serious financial losses, but if you postpone the purchase until the last minute, there is a risk that there will simply be no available rooms in popular hotels.

Previously, we wrote that Russian tourists, based on the results of 7 weeks of this year, became the third largest number of tourists visiting Thailand. More guests came to the kingdom only from China and Malaysia.

Source: Tourdom



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