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Tourists had to fly from Cuba to Moscow 12 hours later than scheduled

A subscriber to the tg channel “Roof of TourDoma” informed us about the delay in the flight from Cuba to Moscow. The Rossiya Airlines airliner was supposed to depart from Varadero yesterday at 18:10 Cuban time (8 hours behind Moscow time. – Ed.). However, the departure from the air harbor of this resort was moved to Havana airport, where the passengers were transported. We had to wait almost 12 hours for the flight. According to the latest information, boarding has been announced.

As explained to the TourDom.ru portal by the tour operator Biblio-Globus, whose tourists fly to Cuba with Russia (part of the Aeroflot group of companies, the tour operator’s strategic partner), yesterday’s flight SU 6927 from Sheremetyevo to Varadero landed in Havana. The reason is technical, but not related to the malfunction of the aircraft. Tourists were transported from the airport to the resort of Varadero by 11 buses. We also had to make a return flight from Havana to Moscow. The passengers were transported to the airport of the Cuban capital by the airline. Since the flight from Havana was later than the scheduled one from Varadero, everyone was provided with hotel rooms for the waiting period.

Previously, we wrote about a rolling disruption in the Red Wings airline schedule on routes from Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Kazan to Phuket (Thailand).

Source: Tourdom



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