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Tourists have bought up rooms for the summer in some popular hotels in Sochi

Some popular hotels in Sochi and its suburbs are no longer bookable for the summer months. Travel agents report this to the editors of TourDom.ru.

“We tried all week to get into the Adlerkurort complex – the Coral and Dolphin buildings,” said Dmitry Chistyakov, head of the Troika Tour travel agency. According to him, it was not possible to book accommodation for June through tour operators, and the hotel itself explained that these buildings were completely sold out until the end of the summer: “Perhaps some enterprises occupied a large share of the rooms for their employees.”

There were no vacancies for June at the Avtomobilist sanatorium in the village of Kudepsta. And although the property’s website indicated that there was one standard room left in stock, the tour operators were unable to confirm the booking to the travel agent.

The TourDom.ru correspondent was unable to find any available “standard” rooms in August either: only single rooms and suites are available in the booking system.

Problems also arise when booking the Frunze sanatorium. “At the moment, everything has been sold by September 25, only random “holes” remain,” one of the health resort’s partners told the editor.

“Tension has already appeared when ordering accommodation in popular hotels – the Zapolyarye and Burgas hotels,” says travel agent Olga. “Mountain Air” in Loo is almost sold out for June.” However, hotel accommodations can still be found from tour operators.

According to information from the website of the famous hotel “Pearl”, in June (from the 8th to the 15th) the standards had already ended. You can also book a premium for 109 thousand rubles. for two for a week, luxury studio for 165 thousand and premium luxury for 172.

Obviously, first of all, tourists buy up hotels with good infrastructure on the first coastal line; sanatoriums that have their own beach and hotels with wellness treatments are in particular demand. “Some houses a couple of kilometers from the beach in Imeretinka may still be there by summer, but most don’t want to go to the sea by bus,” travel agents say.

Source: Tourdom



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