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Tourists in four cities wait half a day for an Egyptian airline to take off

Tourists who decided to relax in Egypt that night faced large delays in the departures of their planes from abroad and back. One of the passengers of AlMasria Airlines flight UJ 613, which is scheduled to fly from Sharm el-Sheikh to Sheremetyevo, reported problems to the editors of TourDom.ru: “They have already been delayed for 12 hours. It’s not even on the Egyptian airport board and never was. The departure was originally planned for June 3 at 20:00. We sit in the hotel and are rescheduled every 2 hours.”

The return flight of the Egyptian carrier from Moscow UJ 614 is also delayed. They promise to send it closer to 14:00. But everything will depend on when the plane arrives from Egypt.

The foreign airline has problems not only in this direction. In Hurghada they are waiting for flight UJ 605 to depart for Sheremetyevo. “We have been at the airport since midnight. So far they promise to send it at noon.” The return flight from Moscow was delayed by 8 hours.

Ural Transport Prosecutor’s Office got interested departure delay for 10 hours UJ 652 from Perm to Sharm el-Sheikh. It was supposed to depart from Bolshoye Savino airport at 03:50. More than 200 people were registered for the flight. Of these, 40 passengers were provided with a hotel. According to official sources, no one is waiting at the departure terminal.

“Well, what did you want from a company that has 2.5 aircraft. They carry it as best they can. Now there are not many options to fly abroad,” subscribers of the telegram channel discuss the news “Roof of the TourDom”. “Tourists, as always, exaggerate everything. What every 2 hours? Just yesterday in Sharm, before checking out, they were told that the flight would leave at night. Everyone stayed in their rooms, and at 12 am they reported another delay. They live/drink/sleep in their hotels,” travel agents report their version of what happened.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists waited 19 hours for their flight to Egypt.

Source: Tourdom



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