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Tourists in Phuket Town are banned from feeding monkeys

One of the popular ones has been banned in Phuket Town entertainment tourists – feeding monkeys on a hill called Monkey Hill. The decision is effective from February 1. To begin with, authorities dispersed sellers of animal treats in the To Se health park and also introduced road patrols, Phuket News reported.

Monkey Hill in the northern part of the city attracts many tourists. But only a few climb the steep climb closer to the top, where the observation deck is located. Most come to interact with the jungle-dwelling macaques, who come out to people.

Recently, more and more complaints have been received about the aggressiveness of monkeys. Eyewitnesses noted on social networks that as soon as their attention was attracted, “these impudent people” began to snatch handbags and smartphones from their hands, and reach for pendants and earrings. After any scratch, not to mention a bite, a trip to the doctors is mandatory.

On Rang Hill, located in the same part of the city, authorities have not yet introduced such strict measures. As noted in the publication, local macaques can also steal things left unattended, but “banditry” has not been observed. The staff of the cafe and observation deck located in the park area does not allow tourists to feed the monkeys.

Previously, TourDom.ru wrote that in Thailand, after contacts with monkeys, tourists paid 26-35 thousand rubles in the absence of medical insurance. for wound treatment and rabies vaccination.

Source: Tourdom



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