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Tourists in Turkey have no new problems with card payments

The federal media are in vain raising fears about the difficulties that Russians allegedly have in paying with bank cards in Turkey. The latest event, which slightly worsened the situation, occurred back in November, when the number of UnionPay payment system cards issued by Russian banks working abroad decreased. This is confirmed by TourDom.ru sources. Let us recall that the reason for the storm in a teacup was the publication in RIA Novosti, which, without any specifics reported problems among tourists in Turkey.

Everyone traveling to Turkey has become accustomed to the situation that emerged in 2022 after Russian Visa and MasterCard cards were blocked. During this time, payment tools have long been studied, which are used by both organized tourists who go on tours and those who independently come to the country for a longer period, limited by the visa-free period.

Most Russians travel to Turkey either with cash, if the limit of 10 thousand dollars allowed for export is sufficient for their needs, or with foreign plastic. Cards are actively received in neighboring CIS countries. There are no problems with their work.

Also in Turkey it is still possible to use UnionPay cards received in Russia. Over the past 2 years, during the sanctions, the list of banks has been significantly thinned out. Now only plastic from Gazprombank and Rosselkhozbank work there.

“They work 100% at ATMs that serve this payment system. You can withdraw up to 1 thousand dollars per day. It is not always possible to pay with them. This is due to the settings of the terminals,” says a TourDom.ru source.

Telegram channel subscribers share their experience of using cards “Roof of the TourDom”. Their successes are different: some manage to pay only in large supermarkets, others – in small shops and cafes. Transactions at museums, airports and gas stations also take place. Some entrepreneurs have separate terminals that they offer when they see a card from the Chinese payment system.

Tourists are slowly mastering the new SberPay service, launched last month. But so far they believe that too few points are connected to it. There are also those who use the Letim service, which has been operating since the end of last year – this is a payment using a QR code with a virtual service where you can transfer money from Russian cards.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists criticize the payment system in Turkey from Sberbank.

Source: Tourdom



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