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Tourists may have problems finding hotel accommodation in Thailand in April

The Thai government has decided to hold holiday festivals to mark the Thai New Year during the first three weeks of April. Pattayapeople.ru reports this. Until now, Songkran was celebrated for 3 days, from April 13 to April 15.

The goal is to increase the tourist attractiveness of the country during the transition period between the high winter and low summer seasons. Events dedicated to Songkran are aimed primarily at increasing the influx of Chinese tourists. It is on them that Thailand is now placing its main emphasis; from March 1, visas have been canceled for Chinese citizens.

Experts predict problems with hotel accommodation for other markets, including Russian. Judging by information from travel agents interviewed by the TourDom.ru portal, the issue is not too pressing yet: “For April, we have only one refusal to confirm a reservation – at the Pullman Pattaya hotel (Pattaya). In Phuket, we were able to provide a room at Katathani Phuket Beach without any problems,” “There are enough accommodation options for April. One of the tour operators did not have an application for the Ibis Phuket Patong (Phuket) hotel, but another confirmed it,” “The only negative for today is that sometimes you have to wait a long time for a response from the host party.” However, one must keep in mind that the average booking depth in Thailand is now approximately 2 weeks. There are not too many requests for April yet, perhaps that is why there are no particular difficulties with confirming numbers. Over the next month, the situation may worsen significantly.

As the head of the Thai host company Ilves Tour, Viktor Kriventsov, told us, hotels at resorts are now in high demand not only among guests from China, but also among the Thais themselves. Even during the pandemic, an emphasis was placed on domestic tourism, and now Thai citizens travel around the country much more actively. Due to various circumstances, host companies do not take strict quotas in hotels for the Russian market; they work with “soft blocks”, guarantees for which do not apply for the period from January 1 to 15 and from April 1 to 20. Therefore, problems with confirmation of places are very likely during the Songkran period.

We previously wrote that in Thailand they are going to lift the ban on the sale of alcohol during the daytime, from 14:00 to 17:00.

Source: Tourdom



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