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Tourists retained the limit on duty-free import of goods into Russia

From April 1, the Eurasian Economic Commission reduced the threshold for duty-free import of goods for personal use from abroad by 5 times. If just yesterday it was possible to order various items worth up to 1,000 euros and weighing up to 31 kg without unnecessary overpayments, now the limit is 200 euros, while the weight remains unchanged. The threshold was first lowered in 2020 – from 1000 to 500 euros, but in the spring of 2022 they set the same amount due to sanctions restrictions. Then the order was extended, and from April 1, 2024, it was decided that postponing the relaxations would be enough.

But there is also good news. Restrictions apply to goods delivered by carriers or through international mail. For tourists, everything remains the same. Shopping lovers in Dubai, Milan, Barcelona and other places can bring duty-free items to Russia by plane – in checked and hand luggage – worth 10 thousand euros and weighing up to 50 kg. It is more difficult for those who transport goods by land, for example, tourists who travel by bus from China. Here the threshold is 500 euros and 25 kg of weight. The same rules apply to hikers.

Please note that some products have special limits. For example, in food, strong drinks and tobacco. For example, persons over 18 years of age can bring from abroad up to 3 liters of alcohol and up to 200 cigarettes. Or up to 5 kg of fish and seafood. At the same time, some categories are completely prohibited for import. However, most often it is exotic – for example, live sables, encryption tools or products made from harp seal.

You will have to pay for exceeding the limit, and quite handsomely. “If the total value and weight of goods exceeds the above norms (but not more than 650 thousand rubles and/or 200 kg), a single rate of customs duties and taxes is applied – 30% of the customs value of the specified goods, but not less than 4 euros per 1 kg. If the imported goods exceed the norm of 650 thousand rubles. and/or 200 kg, then they are subject to duties and fees provided for participants in foreign economic activity,” the Federal Customs Service clarified.

Lawyers warn that anyone who violates import rules must be prepared for administrative liability. They can be fined a decent amount – up to twice the cost of the goods. The size of the punishment depends on what kind of things the tourist (or the one masquerading as him) is trying to deliver to Russia.

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