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Tourists stranded in Hainan and Harbin due to skyrocketing airfare

Chinese tourists who are returning from popular holiday destinations these days – from Hainan Island and Harbin – have fallen into a trap. Getting home to Beijing and Shanghai is only possible in business class. Users of the Weibo platform compare the price of a ticket with the cost of a flight to the other side of the world.

Thus, one of the tourists complained to journalists that the road from Sanya to the Chinese capital cost her 10 thousand yuan (about 130 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate): β€œIn the last 2 days I bought return tickets, and the prices are getting more and more more outrageous. I can go to Europe for that kind of money.” Moreover, on ordinary days you can get from Hainan to Beijing for an average of 1 thousand yuan.

A flight to Shanghai is even more expensive: as of February 16–17, economy class is completely sold out, and business costs 14 thousand yuan (182 thousand rubles). About the same picture and the same prices for flights from Harbin. Representatives of airlines and ordinary users of social networks are surprised that tourists did not take care of return tickets when planning a trip to the resort region.

Motorists also encountered problems – ferries from Hainan to mainland China are overcrowded, the queue is huge. For example, a certain Mr. Tang, a resident of Wuhan, planned to leave for home on February 16, but was able to get a ferry ticket only on the 21st. I had to take an extra five-day vacation, most likely at my own expense.

Tan, in a conversation with Red Star News, admitted that several years ago he visited Hainan by car around the same dates, but nothing like this was observed. Now the excitement associated with the celebration of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) is enormous. The shortage of tickets on the Harbin route is also explained by the fact that the annual World of Snow and Ice festival ended in this city the day before. According to Chinese media reports, during its 61 days of operation, it was visited by 2.71 million tourists from different countries.

In mid-January, we wrote that guests of the Harbin festival got into the habit of licking iron poles on the pedestrian Central Street – to check whether their tongues would freeze or not. The authorities decided to cover the metal structures with fabric.

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