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Tourists stuck in Cuba will return to Moscow 18 hours late

Passengers of the Nordwind Airlines Boeing 777 delayed in Cuba will return to Moscow approximately at 09:30 on the morning of February 10, 18 hours later than the time indicated on the schedule. This is evidenced by the Sheremetyevo online scoreboard data.

According to the schedule, the plane was supposed to take off from Cayo Coco airport on February 8 at 18:00, and land at Sheremetyevo today at 15:15. However, flight N4 552 was first delayed for 2 hours, then until the morning. As a result, the plane departed today at 12:58 local time (20:58 Moscow time), that is, with a 19-hour delay.

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The carrier’s press service stated the reason for the failure: there was not enough fuel at the Cuban airport to refuel the plane. “We are waiting for the kerosene to arrive from Havana; besides, according to the regulations, the crew must rest.”

Aviation experts commented to the editors of TourDom.ru on the flight delay. “We can assume that there was a random failure with jet fuel at Cayo Coco airport: after all, this airfield is not the main one, unlike Havana,” says one of the aviation experts. Nevertheless, the expert is confident that it is absolutely impossible to call the incident systemic. During the entire period of flights to Cuba, Russian airlines did not encounter such problems.

Let us remind you that Rossiya Airlines operates regular flights on Cuban routes: from July 2023, planes depart on the Moscow – Varadero route. Since December, the carrier’s Boeings have been carrying passengers to Havana. Nordwind Airlines airliners began operating a flight program to Liberty Island even earlier – from October 2022. Tourists fly to two resorts – Varadero and Cayo Coco. “No matter how difficult it was with fuel on the island, never, in a year and four months of flights, did it affect air transportation,” the expert concluded.

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