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Tourists warned of hours-long queues at the Chinese visa application center in Moscow

Before Chinese visa center in Moscow, on the morning of February 21, there was a crowd of people wanting to submit documents. As one of the eyewitnesses told TourDom.ru, this is due to the end of the Chinese New Year holidays. The service center was not open from February 12 to 16, so there are now long queues.

“Yesterday we stood for 6 hours. Today there is some kind of glitch. Issuing coupons does not work,” our subscriber warned.

According to him, the situation in the queue is nervous: “If something in the documents turns out to be wrong, then whether you will be able to get through to the door and check in is a big question. A typical conversation at the door before opening: let me in, I have a ticket from yesterday, I needed to correct the mistake. Answer: we won’t let them in, we correct mistakes here every day,” our interlocutor described the situation. He added that the nerves of those standing in line could not stand it: “Even travel agents begin to bark at each other, although they work here every day, know each other and try to live together.”

If this continues, the visa center may have to return to the practice of pre-registration.

It should be clarified that only tourists, unofficial visa agents and other applicants who submit documents on their own face such inconveniences. Accredited companies submit documents separately and do not have any problems. This was confirmed to our editorial office by PAC Group. According to the tour operator, demand for tours to China has increased in recent months. However, in some cases you can do without a visa. For example, if tourists enter within the framework of the visa-free procedure established in Hainan Province, or travel in transit. Rules vary depending on which city tourists enter and exit through.

Source: Tourdom



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