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Tourists were delayed for 5 hours in Phuket due to smoke on the plane

Boeing AZUR air was forced to stay in Phuket due to smoke in the cabin. Passengers were able to fly to Sochi 5 hours later than the time indicated on the schedule. The editors of TourDom.ru received a comment from the carrier.

Flight ZF 4068 was supposed to take passengers from Thailand to Adler at 15:00 local time (11:00 Moscow time). After landing, when all the passengers were already in their seats, one of the engines suddenly began to smoke. Smoke flowed through the air conditioning system into the cabin.

It immediately became stuffy on board. Video taken by a passenger showed people fanning themselves.

The carrier’s press service explained to TourDom.ru that during preparation for takeoff, a malfunction was discovered in the air conditioning system. The pilot-in-command decided to return to the parking lot to fix the problem.

Passengers were sent to the airport terminal. At the same time, the situation remained normal: special means for disembarkation were not used. Refreshments were provided to the occupants in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations.

“The board was examined by technical specialists. The malfunction has been identified and corrected, the airliner is ready for flight,” said a representative of the carrier.

According to the website flightradar24, the Boeing 767 took off from Phuket at 20:06 local time (16:06 Moscow time), with approximately a five-hour deviation from the schedule. Approximate flight time is 8 hours 40 minutes.

Thus, tourists will arrive in Sochi at approximately 00:40. This information is confirmed by the data from the online scoreboard of Adler Airport.

Source: Tourdom



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