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Tourists were given little chance of traveling to Crimea without foreign animals

Tourists traveling to Crimea by train were given virtually no chance of traveling in a compartment without foreign animals. From April 29, Grand Service Express allows the carriage of small pets in a carrier without purchasing four seats in another transportation class – 2F. This is already the third in a row, which covers most of the rolling stock.

Not all vacationers, judging by the comments in social networks carrier, they want such a neighborhood: “Now it’s completely unclear how to buy a ticket in a compartment. And people have allergies. Can’t you think a little about the passengers?” It’s not just those who cannot do this for medical reasons who are worried: “I would prefer to go without dogs. And so it turns out that you pay 15 thousand and then smell the smell all the way. This is normal for breeders, but those who don’t have animals feel everything.”

The carrier currently has five compartment classes. According to the new rules, dog lovers will not be able to buy it in its entirety only in 2E. Not every train has such cars. And in some places they are completely absent.

The carrier’s website states another class with similar rules – 2D, but in the booking systems it was possible to find only one such carriage in one of the four daily trains on the Moscow-Simferopol route.

What other alternatives: you will either have to look towards the NE – there, without buying out all the seats, the transportation of animals is prohibited in two of the three classes, or go in a reserved seat – there animals are allowed in one of the three classes.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists did not like the prices for Crimean trains at the beginning of the summer season.

Source: Tourdom



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