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Tourists were left without a holiday in Thailand because a travel agent disappeared with their money

Tourist Tatyana contacted the editors of TourDom.ru. She talked about her failed attempt to buy a tour to Thailand.

The trip for two was booked through a travel agent working as an individual entrepreneur (IP), the full price was paid – 289 thousand rubles. Departure is on Monday, February 5th.

The day before, on Friday, Tatyana phoned the travel agent. I asked if the documents were ready. The answer discouraged her: “I forgot to make the payment to the tour operator on time. Reservation cancelled. I tried to resolve the situation, ask for a deferment, but to no avail. Sorry, I’ll return your money.” After that, the travel agent disappeared and never contacted us again. “I was completely confident in this man, since I had been buying tours from him for about 15 years. I didn’t expect this,” says Tatyana.

On the advice of a friend, a travel agency employee, the woman turned to the tour operator specified in the contract. She described the situation and asked – what should I do? However, I was faced with complete indifference to the problem: “They only confirmed to me that the payment had not been received; they did not specify what part of the amount. They suggested checking with the travel agent.” Tatyana was ready to pay up to the full price, as long as the trip did not fall through, because a vacation had already been agreed upon for the dates of the tour. But her proposal remained unanswered.

The woman had to urgently buy a new tour to Egypt – it was booked with another tour operator.

The fact that the tour operator showed no interest in receiving an additional payment and reinstating the application looks strange. It is possible that there was too little time left before the trip and it was no longer possible to confirm hotel accommodation again. However, even in this case they could offer, for example, another hotel.

Previously, we wrote that travel agents criticized Rospotrebnadzor’s memo to tourists, which provides recommendations on what to do in case of tour cancellation.

Source: Tourdom



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