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Tourists were offered a zero-gravity sea cruise and solarium cars to Crimea

Tour operator PAC Group told on their social networks about the new MSC Cruises cabin with a zero-gravity system. “This is a step into the future of cruising. Thanks to patented technology, the new cabin will allow guests to experience complete weightlessness at the touch of a button,” the tour operator promised, describing the product, which will supposedly be presented to the general public in April 2025. For plausibility, they even prepared a special video where tourists float in their cabins along with objects.

Judging by the comments under the post, not all subscribers immediately remembered what date is on the calendar today. And they even decided to follow the link to find out the prices for a tempting cruise. But instead they saw it in the hidden text in the post completely different.

In the Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone, they are looking for a poetry reader for crabs. Such a specialist is expected at the Brunello restaurant. They promise to pay 300 thousand rubles for reciting to crustaceans. per month. And all this is needed in order to improve the taste of the meat of live crabs, which sooner or later will end up on the chef’s table and will be eaten. They also promise to feed the reader himself twice a day. But they won’t hire anyone anyway – the candidate must have a diploma from one of the leading cultural or art universities in Russia, love Pushkin’s work and have work experience. They don’t seem to ask for recommendations from previous crabs.

Grand Service Express reported that some of their trains will include special solarium cars. There will be sea sand and a comfortable temperature, which during the journey will allow you to carefully prepare your skin to meet the ultraviolet radiation from the active southern sun. They promise to serve corn, churchkhela and red mullet in the carriage.

Reading such announcements, tourists had to decide for themselves where this was fiction and where the true truth was, because April 1 was on the calendar.

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