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Tourists were outraged by the replacement of the airline and the condition of the plane

Tourists were outraged by the two-time change of airlines as part of a tour to Turkey and the condition of the plane they were flying on. “Clients ask why they were transplanted. The plane is small, the interior is not fresh, tattered. Many were placed separately from their children, randomly,” a travel agent told TourDom.ru. Can passengers claim compensation? The editors found out the opinion of lawyers.

Initially, tourists booked a tour with a flight from St. Petersburg to Antalya on Southwind flights. In early April, due to the cancellation of the flight program, the tour operator informed the travel agent that his clients were being transferred on board Turkish Airlines. TourDom.ru reported about the situation earlier. Turkish airline flies faster, baggage allowance is higher compared to Southwind. In addition, the selected flight time remained the same: the evening flight remained evening. Therefore, the passengers were happy.

However, on May 11, when boarding the plane, it turned out that we would have to fly with Anadolujet airline. According to the travel agent, the clients did not like the condition of the plane: “The airliner turned out to be small. The interior was torn, the trim was falling off, it was sealed.” In addition, parents were placed separately from their children, which further worsened their mood.

The name of the airline is not by default an essential condition of the contract for the sale of tourism products, lawyer Igor Kositsyn recalled. “The task of the tour operator is to provide transportation from point A to point B. By what means he will do this is secondary. Such a condition will become significant only if it is separately agreed upon in the contract with the tourist, registering the airline.”

If a passenger did not like something during the flight – the cabin of the aircraft, the service on board or something else, he can file a complaint. However, he must clearly formulate his requirements, ask for something: “It’s not entirely clear here what the tourist wants, if in fact the flight has already taken place.”

Passengers can try to prove that a flight with a particular airline was significant for them and demand compensation for moral damage, says Maria Chapikovskaya, a lawyer for the Pink Elephant travel agency network. “However, I don’t think there are significant prospects,” says the expert. “The services were provided in full, and the replacement of the carrier did not lead to a deterioration in the situation of tourists.”

Source: Tourdom



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