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Tourists were reminded that their suitcases could be opened due to a power bank found in their luggage.

On the eve of the summer season at Sheremetyevo, tourists were reminded that chargers and power banks on the plane can only be transported in hand luggage. It is strictly prohibited to check in such electronics as luggage for safety reasons, since in the event of a malfunction or improper transportation there is a risk of self-ignition. “Device detected during inspection of checked baggage will be confiscated. Baggage can be opened either in the presence of the passenger or without him,” the airport reminded.

According to the current Aviation Regulations, tourists have the right to freely transport batteries with a capacity of no more than 100 Wh. If there are several of them, then each must be placed in a separate plastic bag or protective case. All terminals must be securely closed to prevent spontaneous short circuits. Devices of higher power (up to 160 Wh) can also be taken into the cabin, but not more than two and after notifying the airline in advance.

Batteries with a large charge can be transported by air only in one case – if they are installed on an electric wheelchair. The maximum allowed here is 300 Wh. In addition, passengers with disabilities will be allowed to take a spare battery (one up to 300 Wh or two up to 160 Wh).

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Ural Airlines passengers had to be evacuated from the aircraft cabin due to a power bank that caught fire before departure. And a passenger in an electric wheelchair was not allowed on the Pobeda flight due to a high-capacity battery.

Source: Tourdom



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