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Tourists will be taken to the Lena Pillars on a 62-year-old ship with VIP cabins

The Yakut government reported that in 2024 the fleet of the regional passenger river fleet will be replenished with the Lomonosov motor ship and the high-speed hydrofoil Meteor, which will be launched on the internal route Yakutsk – Olekminsk.

In contrast to the 11-hour “cruise for locals” for 630 rubles, they decided to entrust the ship “Mikhail Lomonosov” with a more honorable mission – to take tourists on a 3-day route to the Lena Pillars. True, the Yakut government did not say who will become the operator of the new cruise and how much the trip will cost. The editors of TourDom.ru looked into this.

Here it is necessary to recall the interesting history of the appearance of “Lomonosov” in Yakutia. The motor ship was launched in 1962 and plied the waters of the right tributary of the Lena – the Olekma River – until the early 90s. During those “valiant” times, the ship stood abandoned until 2003, when the founder and lead singer of the pop group “Dune”, Viktor Rybin, became interested in it.

“Lomonosov” moved to the Moscow River, where in 2005 it underwent a complete reconstruction, into which, according to Rybin, about a million dollars were poured in. The ship turned from a regular one into a “VIP” one. At the same time, he began to accept a maximum of 53 guests on board, whereas initially the ship could accommodate about 300 people.

For some time, the singer of the hit “Country of Limonia” and his wife Natalya Senchukova even lived on the liner and showed journalists their bedroom – the largest on the ship. When they had played enough with the expensive toy, and the attempt to organize cruises on the Volga failed miserably, the ship was purchased by the Foundation for the Preservation and Development of the Solovetsky Archipelago in 2018. But even there, “Lomonosov”, having worked a little as a floating hotel, did not stay long. Having again become useless to anyone, the ship was transferred free of charge to the balance of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in 2022 and, according to unofficial information, back in December 2023 it was under repair at the Arkhangelsk shipyard.

Based on the official message of the Yakut government, we can conclude that the ship will appear in the Lena waters at least by June, when the navigation season opens on the great Siberian river.

As of February 28, there is no information on the websites of major cruise operators on the Lena that tourists can book a cabin on the Mikhail Lomonosov. Calls to the company’s offices also led to nothing – they do not know when exactly the passenger flotilla of Yakutsk will be replenished with another ship and how much the river tour will cost.

The fact that the tariffs will be designed for mass tourists can be doubted based on the existing package offers for the summer of 2024. Now on the route Yakutsk – Lena Pillars – Yakutsk there is a three-deck motor ship “Demyan Bedny”, which, unlike the “Mikhail Lomonosov”, is capable of carrying not fifty, but 210 passengers. At the same time, for a junior suite cabin you have to pay from 32.2 thousand rubles. in June to 35.3 thousand in August. And this is in 3 days without food. And the 10-day tour Yakutsk – Lena Pillars – Ust-Kut already starts at 92.5 thousand rubles. for accommodation in a 3-berth cabin. That is, even now a vacation on a ship is not cheap.

Consequently, in order for Lomonosov not to make voyages at a loss, operators will have to increase tariffs by at least 2 times compared to those already existing on the cruise market of Yakutia and Siberia. Then a reasonable question arises: why was it necessary to transfer to the balance of the regional authorities a ship that was originally designed to serve VIPs? The editors of TourDom.ru have prepared a corresponding request to the government of Sakha (Yakutia) with a request to clarify who will be trusted to operate the ship and what the pricing policy will be when organizing the cruise.

Source: Tourdom



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