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Traffic jam of a thousand passengers: tourists complained about queues in Koltsovo

Tourists in Koltsovo at night stuck in a human traffic jam. According to eyewitnesses, more than 1,000 passengers who arrived in Yekaterinburg could not quickly cross the border, get their suitcases and go home. The video from the scene shows that not everyone has enough space in one room and some are waiting their turn in the corridor.

The airport press service told a TourDom.ru correspondent that the traffic jam had already cleared: “Several large-body aircraft arrived at once. A large number of people found themselves in the passport control zone. In about an hour they completed all the procedures.”

On the Koltsovo website, the list of arriving flights at this time includes three airliners from Antalya in a row – B-737, B-777 and B-767. Flights from Turkey were supposed to arrive with a window of 25-30 minutes, the actual interval between their landings was less than 10 minutes. The main concentration of passengers is not in the baggage claim area, as reported most of the media, and at passport control.

Footage from Koltsovo did not impress all subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”. “In other countries we saw longer queues, and stood for more than an hour. It looks like it’s here for 20-25 minutes,” said one reader. “We ended up in Zanzibar when there were three huge planes taking off. We waited in line in the heat for almost 5 hours just to get into the building, and then in the gas chamber. The man on our flight almost died; medical passengers pumped him out. It was hell, people were pulled out of the crowd unconscious,” the subscriber shared.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that tourists in Koltsovo became victims of continuous delays.

Source: Tourdom



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