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Travel agencies explained why promotional tours to the Maldives are quickly sold out

Retail companies are actively interested in study tours to the Maldives, despite their high cost. Travel agents also choose trips to little-explored destinations, and sometimes they themselves develop routes to explore resorts.

“Any advertisers fly to the Maldives immediately, just with a bang,” says Lyubov Voronina, head of international projects at Sletat.ru. Agents are not even bothered by the fairly decent price: such tours cost from $1,300 to $1,500 depending on the tour operator who organizes them. Essentially, the price is close to the cost of the tour.

“The product is interesting, it’s profitable to sell,” explains the expert. It is difficult for travel agents to organize such a tour; several resorts can only be viewed in a group. The main reason is expensive transfers between islands.”

Another reason for the enormous popularity of the Maldives among travel agency employees is the small workload on the manager compared to other destinations.

“In Turkey, Egypt or Thailand, group members inspect from 10 to 15 hotels a day, upon arrival at the hotel for an overnight stay, the manager’s legs fall off, his head is swollen from the volume of information. And tomorrow morning everything will start all over again,” says Dmitry Chistyakov, head of the Troika Tour travel agency. – And in the advertising in the Maldives the rule is: one day – one resort hotel, maximum two. The manager will still have time to swim and relax.”

According to a survey conducted in the telegram channel for travel industry professionals “Roof of TourDom B2B”, 35% of respondents actively go on fam trips. 12% choose study tours only to little-studied, rare destinations. 219 specialists took part in the survey.


Travel agents study tourism products not only in advertisers. A third of respondents get information about resorts and hotels from the Internet, 29% get to know hotels on their own while on vacation. 23% use feedback from their clients.

Some retail representatives organize study tours on their own. “Neither I nor my managers have been going to advertising for a long time,” says travel agent Natalya Kotelnikova. “If we want to see hotels in a certain country, we combine a vacation with a tour of hotels, or we develop our own tour and negotiate with the hotels.” The travel agent selects those hotels that are usually requested, as well as new properties, i.e., he is guided by demand. “Such tours are more expensive and more troublesome compared to advertisers, but, in my opinion, they are more informative.”

Source: Tourdom



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