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Travel agents and tour operators do not expect further reduction in prices for holidays in Turkey

The media are reprinting a publication by the TG channel Mash that holidays in Turkey this year will become “several times cheaper” for Russians. The reason for the forecast was information about a 20% reduction in prices by some hoteliers: allegedly they are going to reduce them further and return the lost tourist flow from Russia. Therefore, the final price list for the summer season should be formed in April.

The messages prompted a flurry of questions from travel agencies: tourists asked whether tours had already become cheaper and whether they should trust the forecast. However, experts do not see such a trend.

“Six people have already called me, and I answer that there are no prerequisites. In Turkey itself, prices are rising for everything,” wrote Evgeniy Finaev, executive director of the Dogmatur travel agency, in the telegram channel “Roof of TurDom”.

Experts recalled that last year Turkish hoteliers sharply increased prices by 30–40% and failed the early booking stage until June. Therefore, this year, some hotels have reduced their contract prices or did not raise them. At the same time, the exchange rate of the ruble relative to the dollar and euro decreased. As a result, some tours have even become more expensive. The head of international projects of the Sletat.ru network, Lyubov Voronina, gave an example. “The average check for tours with arrivals in April – October of the current year, according to bookings from December 1, 2023 to February 26, 2024, is 2% higher than the same dates last year. We don’t see any reduction in prices.”

Tourists who are planning a holiday in Turkey this summer have no point in waiting until April, since early booking promotions, which provide the most significant discounts on accommodation, will end by then. Tourists, judging by the sales results in January-February, understand this and are ready to plan their vacation. The Fun & Sun company records a double increase in early bookings for Turkey for the summer. The average check is 10% lower than last year’s values, which confirms that tourists are trying to pay for tours on the most favorable terms now, while maximum discounts from hotels are in effect.

According to Sezgin Ozer, president of the host company Time Services, demand from guests from Germany, Great Britain, and Poland has now grown very strongly, so hotels have no incentive to give additional discounts to the Russian market. Therefore, there is no point in delaying booking for tourists. Of course, you can wait, but in this case, places in a suitable and favorite hotel may run out.

However, another scenario is also possible: if tour operators incorrectly calculate the volume of transportation and too many planes fly towards Turkey, special offers closer to departure are still possible. But again, there is no guarantee that you will fly to your favorite hotel; you will have to choose from what is available. In addition, do not forget about the ruble exchange rate, which can change unpredictably in one direction or another.

When this text was already written, the editors received another comment – from Anex. The tour operator noted that sales of early booking tours are active, and this season prices are on average 20–30% lower than last. A possible increase in price can only be due to the fact that advantageously priced rooms or hotels have run out and only higher categories remain for the selected dates.

Let us remind you that Turkey continues to experience a decrease in tourist flow from Russia. According to the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic, in January 2024, 18% fewer tourists came from our country than in the same period last year. Nevertheless, there are still more Russians in Turkey than tourists from any other country – 230 thousand people in January.

Source: Tourdom



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