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Travel agents are not responsible for errors in passport registration

Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” are actively discussing the situation with the non-release abroad of a child included in the mother’s international passport due to the lack of a stamp in it. The editors of TourDom.ru found out what requirements apply to the issuance of a parent’s international passport and to whom tourists can appeal with a complaint.

In this particular case, a mistake was made by the authority that issued the international passport, lawyer Igor Kositsyn is sure: “According to the regulations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the registration and issuance of international passports, on the free part of the page (containing information about children), a dash is made in the form of the letter Z. This entry is sealed with the seal “For passport and visa documents” and is certified by the signature of the employee who issued it.”


Tourists who did not fly to Turkey from Pulkovo erroneously sent a request for a refund of the cost of the tour to the travel agent. “Despite the fact that he receives clients’ personal data for booking and sometimes even original passports, he is not obliged to check their validity in terms of registration,” the lawyer explained. In this case, a claim can be made to the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that issued the document.

Decision in a similar case was taken in May 2018 by the Verkhnesaldinsky District Court of the Sverdlovsk Region, Igor Kositsyn gave an example. In the mother’s passport, on p. 34, where photographs of her minor children are located, as well as on p. 35, containing information about children, did not have the seal of the Federal Migration Service. As a result, the woman and children were unable to pass border control and the tour did not take place. The court decided that “the passport was issued improperly” and recovered damages from the Ministry of Internal Affairs totaling 131 thousand rubles.

The lawyer of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, Maria Chapikovskaya, recommends that the travel agent first submit a request for minimization to the tour operator, receive his response and convey to the clients: “The final non-refundable amount will be the tourists’ losses.”

In unclear situations, when it is unclear who is to blame for not allowing a tourist to cross the border in connection with the registration of a foreign passport, Maria Chapikovskaya advises sending a request to the FSB with a requirement to indicate the basis for refusal to cross the border, as well as to the Ministry of Internal Affairs – with a request to clarify the procedure for processing passport pages. “After receiving answers from the departments, the tourist can decide which government agency to sue for damages, since it is neither the tourist’s nor the travel agent’s fault in this case.”

Source: Tourdom



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