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Travel agents do not consider a salary of 90 thousand rubles high

In the field of tourism and hotel and restaurant business, the profession of travel agent has become the leader in the increase in the number of vacancies over the past year. She is also the highest paid reported in a study of the Avito.Rabota service. However, retail representatives themselves are ready to argue with such conclusions.

According to analysts, employers’ demand for travel agency managers from April last year to mid-spring of this year increased almost 3 times, by 197%. At the same time, applicants for the position of travel agent are offered a salary in the amount of 40 to 90 thousand rubles. per month. But the study clarifies that real income may be higher, since it mainly depends on the percentages managers receive for selling tours.

Second on the list are maids. Their salary is at the same level as travel agents – up to 90 thousand rubles. However, this is already a fixed amount, which can only be increased by tips from guests. In turn, the kitchen workers were in third position. Employers are willing to pay them from 40 to 80 thousand rubles. per month.

It should be noted that travel agents themselves reacted ambiguously to the Avito.Rabota study. In the telegram channel “Roof TourDom B2B” Many retail representatives noticed that a salary of 40–90 thousand rubles. The courier may also receive it, but for a travel agent this amount is hardly acceptable. In addition, working in tourism requires not only high professional qualities, but also resistance to stress. There are quite a lot of force majeure events in the tourism industry.

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