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Travel agents expect better prices from new hotels in Turkey

New hotels are expected to open in Turkish resorts by the summer season. Already in May-June they promise to welcome guests of Ethno Belek 5* and Club Arona 5* in Belek, Side Moon Palace 5* and Dream Fun World 5* in Side, The Norm Oriental 5* in Kemer, Eftalia Blue 5* in Alanya.

This will allow travel companies to offer tourists new accommodation options at resorts that are well known to them. On the other hand, recommending new hotels is always a certain risk. For example, even if the promised opening dates are met, it is not a fact that the entire infrastructure will be restored to proper condition by the appointed date. There are often cases when in the first week or two not all restaurants and bars are open, landscape design is not completed somewhere, the beach is not fully equipped, etc.

We asked the participants of the Krysha TourDoma B2B tg channel whether they were ready to recommend new hotels to their clients, or prefer proven options. Judging by the responses to the post, the determining factor is the price: “If the price is adequate, of course, we offer it,” “There are not many who are willing to pay half a million rubles for a week of vacation.” In oral comments, travel agents explained: among the clientele, especially among the permanent ones, there are many who want to choose accommodation in new hotels that are not yet known to them. But given the uncertainty factor, many are counting on significant discounts, even if the hotel belongs to a popular hotel chain.

As for tour operators, they also take into account possible risks when concluding contracts with hotels just entering the market. “First of all, the reputation of the brand and the management company that opens the hotel is important to us. If we have already collaborated with a partner and he has proven himself to be reliable, of course, we will be more loyal. In addition, we look at the hotel’s readiness to receive guests – an inspection by our representatives is required 2 weeks before the opening. And the risks of failure to open on time are specified in the contract,” explained Fun & Sun. “In some cases, for additional reinsurance, we put up for sale tours to new hotels not for arrivals from the announced opening date, but 2-3 weeks later, in order to minimize possible problems due to failure to meet deadlines,” said a representative of another tour operator, who wished to remain anonymous.

We previously wrote that summer tours to some popular hotels in Turkey have skyrocketed in price after hoteliers recently ended their early booking promotions.

Source: Tourdom



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