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Travel agents risk not receiving money stuck after the license was revoked from Qiwi Bank

The Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) made a number of statements related to the revocation of the license from Qiwi Bank and its consequences. Some of them are directly related to tourism and payment for tours that are in limbo.

In particular, travel agents whose money transfers through the Contact system are stuck (as well as all other owners of electronic wallets) can count on compensation for losses from the DIA. Applications will be accepted through your personal account in the Qiwi application; the agency, as noted by the agency, is now trying to simplify the mechanism. Payments are promised to begin no later than March 6.

But it’s too early to rejoice – electronic wallets are not subject to the law on deposit insurance; accordingly, claims on them will be satisfied during the liquidation of Qiwi Bank as part of the third stage of the register of creditors’ claims. This means there is a risk that there will simply be no money left. “The bankruptcy procedure is a long story and not always predictable. It’s good if payments reach the third stage, we don’t know what creditors and the real financial situation of the bank,” commented Georgy Mokhov, founder of the legal agency Persona Grata. However, the DIA assures that there should be enough for everyone: “According to preliminary information, the credit institution has enough assets to pay all creditors, including owners of electronic wallets.”

However, difficulties with frozen translations for users of the Contact system are the tip of the iceberg. According to Georgy Mokhov, the problem is wider and deeper and is connected with frozen funds in the accounts of clients of the Tochka digital bank, which worked using the Qiwi Bank system. How reports Kommersant, accounts were opened with Qiwi licenses for about 20 thousand clients, and the total amount is 8 billion rubles. “We are talking about very large funds. They are mainly related to international payments, including tourism – financial relations between tour operators, hotels, and so on,” explained Georgy Mokhov.

But even in this situation there is still room for optimism. Tochka CEO Andrei Zavadsky reassured: the bank will pay the amounts stuck in the accounts of those entrepreneurs whose losses are not covered by payments from the DIA.

Previously, we wrote that due to the revocation of the license from Qiwi Bank and the suspension of the work of its Contact money transfer system, some travel agents decided to repay them – so that the problem that arose did not affect clients and their vacation planned for the coming dates still took place .

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