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Travel agents shared on Telegram what they look for when choosing a promotional tour

At the beginning of spring, on the eve of the high tourist season, tour operators are more actively offering their retail partners promotional tours to countries popular with tourists in the summer.

We asked the participants of the tg channel for tourism professionals “Roof of TourDom B2B” what criteria are most important for them when choosing a study trip to popular destinations: the content of the program, its cost, or that the advertiser is offered by a tour operator from whom the travel agent often books travel services. Judging by the comments to the post, for the majority, a well-designed femme trip program is of paramount importance. It should include an inspection of really popular hotels, but in no case “at a gallop across Europe” and in a reasonable amount so that the trip participants do not experience information overload. Some noted that small groups are preferred to large-scale advertisers; this provides more opportunities for detailed communication with host companies and hoteliers. It is interesting that none of the discussion participants highlighted such a factor as the organization of the trip by the partner with whom he collaborates most actively. A number of travel agents now prefer to negotiate directly with the hotels they are interested in and arrange individual study tours for themselves. The reason is not only that in this way it is possible to create an optimal program, in their opinion, but also that the trips offered by tour operators are sometimes too expensive. Making the necessary contacts and booking flights and hotels on your own is troublesome and hardly cheaper, but some travel agents consider this a rational option, since the era of affordable femme trips is a thing of the past.

Travel agents recall with nostalgia the grandiose advertisements of the early 2000s: “Tour operators sometimes invited 100 or more managers and heads of travel companies from all over the country to foreign resorts. It was an unforgettable atmosphere – a welcome meeting, a final gala dinner, performances by famous artists… An indescribable experience! And after all, they didn’t forget about business while having fun – and the hotels were firmly remembered, and the necessary contacts later helped with work for a long time. It’s a pity, the crisis has changed everything.”

Source: Tourdom



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