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Travel agents: tourists are interested in summer tours to new hotels in Turkey

New hotels are expected to open in Turkish resorts by the summer season. New items should also appear in the 5* segment. For example, Maxx Royal Bodrum Resort 5* and Liberty Signa 5* on the Aegean coast, Ethno Belek 5* and Ethno Belek VIP – on the Antalya coast, tours to them are already offered in the booking systems of tour operators.

We asked travel agents whether tourists ask for new products or prefer proven options? As it turned out, there are requests, but clients are cautious. “At Ethno Belek we have only one real tour booking today. They are showing interest in Liberty Signa, but for now they are buying tour packages to the Liberty Lykia complex of the same hotel chain,” “Maxx Royal Bodrum, of course, they ask, but the prices scare everyone away,” “There was a request from a regular client for the new Ethno Belek, but in the absence of reviews and uncertainty with the opening dates, they chose the trusted Barut,” these were the comments given to the TourDom.ru portal by the heads of tourist offices of the A-Club network.

According to the founder of the Pink Elephant travel agency network, Alexan Mkrtchyan, as a rule, tourists book new hotels if they offer substantial discounts – 30–40%. This also applies to hotels of well-known chains. Such a discount is a price for risk, because there are many pitfalls. “I don’t know of a single example where a new facility opened without delay, on time. In addition, in the first week or two, guests, as a rule, cannot count on all services: in some places they did not have time to deliver white sand for the beach, in some places not all bars and restaurants were open. At first, the level of service may be lacking – no matter how high-quality training the employees receive, they need time to get used to the new hotel,” explains the specialist.

Taking these circumstances into account, some travel agents are taking a break – offering new products to their tourists not from the beginning of the season, but after some time, when the first reviews about the hotel appear. If the hotel is another object of a well-known chain, market participants, of course, have more confidence that all standards will be promptly implemented in it. “For example, Maxx has established itself on the Antalya coast as a very strong brand, so in Bodrum it will also quickly gain popularity,” believes Lyubov Voronina, head of international projects at Sletat.ru.

We previously wrote that the share of expensive tours that are purchased this year through early booking promotions is growing in total sales – Turkish resorts are now being chosen by wealthier clientele.

Source: Tourdom



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