Mexico It is one of the most impressive places you can visit in the world. In 2023, more than 38 million people They wanted to know the wonders of this incredible country, establishing it as the sixth that receives the most tourists throughout the planet, behind France, Spain, the United States, Turkey and Italy. But even if you are looking to relax on the paradisiacal beaches of the Riviera Maya or learn more about the fascinating history of this incredible place, it is necessary to know a few things before crossing the Atlantic.

If you are going to travel to Mexico and visit extraordinary regions such as Guanajuto or Yucatán, you must be clear What to do and what not to do, as well as follow some tips to make your stay in the land of the Mayans and Aztecs as unforgettable as possible. Therefore it is important to know What documentation should be brought, how much money should be set aside for the trip or what are the essential places to visit.

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What documentation must be brought to Mexico? What must be done to enter the country?

If you travel from Spain to Mexico, no need to have a visa if the stay is going to be less than six months (180 days), but you just have to carry a passport valid for at least half a year. Of course, two factors must be taken into account: the first is that, if you do not arrive by plane, you must fill out the Multiple Migratory Form (FMM), a form for tourists, but you also have to present the return ticket and pay a tourist tax of about 19.30 euros (575 pesos).

What vaccines are needed to travel to Mexico?

The Mexican government does not require that Spanish tourists be vaccinated against any disease specifically, although certain travelers are recommended to have protection against Hepatitis A and Typhus. In addition, authorities recommend that if you travel at certain times of the year, you wear t-shirts and long pants and spray yourself. repellent for the body.

What is the currency of Mexico and how is it changed?

The Mexican capital reaches up to 2,555 hours of sunshine a year, which is why it appears in this world top ten.
Mexico City

The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso, and to make the currency exchange, a few weeks before the trip you can go to the bank to make it effective. Another great option is to bring American dollars, since in most of the country they are also accepted.

How much money does it take to go to Mexico?

A good base for traveling to Mexico in terms of economy is to bring about 50 euros a day. Obviously, depending on the activities you plan to carry out and the purchases you have in mind, that amount can vary a lot, but it is an ideal starting point to plan the costs of the trip.

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What is the best time to go to Mexico? And the cheapest?

The best time to travel to Mexico almost coincides with winter and spring: between months of October and April, which is when the dry season occurs and, therefore, the risk of torrential rains is much lower. Besides, during March and April Flights and accommodation are usually much cheaper than in the summer.

The essential places to visit in Mexico

Cancun beach.
Cancun beach.

Mexico is one of the countries in the world with the most impressive places to visit. The best known of all is Chichen Itza, named one of the seven wonders of the modern world, but we must not ignore the paradisiacal ones Cancun beaches, the grandeur of the Mexico City, the ruins of Teotihuacan or other incredible cities like Puebla, Oaxaca or Vallarta Port.

How many days do you have to travel to Mexico at least?

Mexico has almost two million square kilometers, so it is practically impossible to see all the wonders that the country hides. Therefore, the ideal is to travel between one and two weeks, since this way anyone will be able to visit the most iconic places and slightly delve into the exquisite Mexican culture.

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