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Treatment after a jellyfish sting in the UAE cost the tourist insurer 2.4 million rubles

IC AlfaStrakhovanie announced in a press release its largest payments for 2023 for insurance for those traveling abroad.

2.4 million rubles. was allocated for surgery for a tourist who suffered from a jellyfish sting in the UAE; RUB 2.8 million a Russian who broke his leg in Greece needed medical care and transportation to his homeland; RUB 3.3 million transferred for the treatment of our compatriot who was involved in an accident in Indonesia. And the largest amount, 5 million rubles, was paid for the hospitalization of a Russian tourist in the USA.

As Yulia Alcheeva, director of the EUROINS Travel Insurance branch, told the TourDom.ru portal, the services of foreign clinics are becoming more expensive from year to year by an average of 10%, and in foreign exchange terms. Even greater growth was observed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Insurers’ costs are further increasing due to the depreciation of the ruble.

Insurance for those traveling abroad is an imputed type of insurance, that is, a type of insurance mentioned in federal law, between voluntary and compulsory. The tourist does not have a strict obligation to take out a policy, but in this case he assumes all possible expenses for treatment, as well as transportation to his homeland, if necessary. At the same time, the minimum insurance amount for those traveling abroad, specified in the law “On Entry and Exit from the Russian Federation,” is the equivalent of 2 million rubles. in dollars or euros. This threshold has not been revised for many years, and its increase is long overdue, the specialist believes. “In some countries, treatment is very expensive. It has become much more difficult to evacuate patients from many countries – there are no direct flights, which leads to an increase in the cost of transportation. Therefore, when insurers recommend that tourists take out insurance for a higher amount when traveling to a particular foreign destination, they should listen to such advice. Insurance companies rely on real statistics and their own practice,” says Yulia Alcheeva.

We previously wrote about a recent case in which a tourist, due to her own recklessness and carelessness, received serious injuries while on vacation in Sri Lanka.

Source: Tourdom



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