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Tunisia 2024: tours are cheaper than flying on your own

This summer, getting to the Mediterranean beaches of Tunisia is expensive and difficult. However, purchasing a tour package may be more profitable than flying on your own. The editors have summarized information about entry rules, clarified the cost of air tickets and the conditions for exporting unspent money from the country.

Tunisia is open to tourists

To enter Tunisia, Russians do not need a visa for a stay of up to 90 days. At the border control, a tourist has enough present a foreign passport with a validity period of at least 3 months after the expected end date of the trip.

As a rule, border guards are not interested in air tickets for return, hotel reservations or tourist vouchers. An insurance policy is not required, but is advisable for the entire duration of your vacation.

Entry rules into Tunisia allow children under 14 years of age to be registered in their parents’ passports. Tour operators, when offering tours to Tunisia, recommend making sure that a photo of the child with a stamp is pasted in, and taking the birth certificate with you. Tourists also warn about the need to pay a tourist tax upon check-in at the hotel for each guest over 12 years of age. In 2024, the tariff was increased to 8 Tunisian dinars in 3* hotels and to 12 dinars in “fours” and “fives” for every day when staying up to 10 nights, after which they do not pay.

Upon arrival you need Necessarily declare all cash exceeding the equivalent of 20 thousand Tunisian dinars (1 dinar – 28.7 rubles). The Russian Embassy in Tunisia reminded that in the absence of a declaration, only up to 5 thousand dinars will be allowed to be taken out of the country and in any case – no more than an amount equal to 30 thousand at the exchange rate. All “surplus” can be confiscated. It is prohibited to take local currency with you, even in the form of a souvenir of several banknotes or coins.

Holidays in Tunisia are cheaper according to the tour

You can get to Tunisia from Russia using connecting flights. Rare direct flights are operated by Nouvelair Tunisie, but tickets for them are usually not available for sale – they are all bought for tour packages.

The Tunisian carrier flies from St. Petersburg to Monastir and back in approximately 4.5 hours. During monitoring, one of the sellers found a reservation with a departure on July 11 and back on the 21st for 100 thousand rubles. with luggage. Other routes from Pulkovo on ticket services are 1.5–2 times more expensive and have long connections, where a visa is often required.

On the Moscow – Monastir line, direct flights announced by Nouvelair from June 17 have not yet appeared on aggregators. Mostly routes with 2–3 transfers are also presented. With the cost of one chair ranging from 150–160 thousand rubles. A day or more is allotted for the journey. An alternative is to buy separate tickets, for example, to Istanbul, and from there fly to Monastir.

Getting to the country’s capital is a little easier. Turkish Airlines flies from Moscow Vnukovo to Tunis-Carthage Airport with a connection in Istanbul. In particular, with departure on July 6 and back 2 weeks later, tickets were offered from 103 thousand rubles. with luggage. The stated travel time is 9.5 hours. For the same dates, tickets were on sale from 83.3 thousand rubles. with hand luggage round trip with transfers in Turkey and back in Algeria and changing airlines.

Relatively cheap air tickets to Tunisia can be obtained as part of a tour package. Early July tours from St. Petersburg to resorts in Sousse, Hammamet, Monastir – from 136 thousand rubles. for 9 nights for two with half board and from 156 thousand rubles. for all inclusive on Nouvelair flights. Among the surcharges is a fuel surcharge of $90 per tourist.

From Moscow price tours to Tunisia also for July – from 269 thousand rubles. for two for 9 nights with all-inclusive meals and flights using GDS tickets.

We pay in dinars

In Tunisia, UnionPay cards are useless – for non-cash payments and cash withdrawals from ATMs, Russians need to stock up on Visa or MasterCard plastic from foreign banks. As a rule, ATMs are located close to banking institutions.

When traveling with cash, it is preferable to take euros or dollars with you. Payments in the country are accepted in Tunisian dinars – the currency is changed at exchange offices and banks. Official institutions issue a receipt; it will be required for reverse conversion of unspent local money. In particular, this operation is performed at the airport. Tourists shared in the chat that hotels also often accommodated their guests by selling and buying the same euros.

Among the tips are not to change a large amount at once, do not forget that you will not be allowed to fly home with dinars, and be careful with private money changers – some may abuse their trust and slip the wrong banknotes to the tourist.

Earlier, TurDom wrote that the start of direct flights from Moscow to Monastir was once again postponed by Nouvelair Tunisie – now to June 17 with a frequency of once every 10 days. Therefore, the Grand Express tour operator was forced to adjust its flight program and offered tourists several options for replacing already selected tours with this air carrier.

Source: Tourdom



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