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Turkey 2024: direct flights and tours at the price of air tickets

Tourists like summer Turkey for its visa-free entry and direct flights to resorts in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas from dozens of Russian cities. The editors have summarized information about the rules for entry into Turkey for Russians in 2024, learned about the cost of tours to Antalya and Bodrum and what UnionPay cards are accepted there.

Türkiye – no visa

When visiting Turkey, Russians do not need a visa provided they stay for up to 60 days in a row, and with multiple entries – up to 90 days within six months. To cross the border, it is recommended to have a passport with a validity period of at least 120 days from the date of arrival.

At border control they usually do not ask about the availability of a hotel reservation and return ticket, tourist voucher, insurance, but at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Antalya advised have all these documents on hand. Features of travel on tour packages, as a rule, explain tour operators. In particular, tourists with children are reminded to take their birth certificates with them. Up to 14 years of age, a child can enter using a parent’s passport if an entry is made in it according to all the rules – with a photo and stamps.

Airlines Russia – Türkiye

There are busy direct flights between Russia and Turkey. The most popular summer destination is Antalya. Tourists are brought to the resorts of the region from two and a half dozen Russian cities on regular and charter flights – almost all places are purchased by tour operators.

From Moscow to Antalya the number of flights is in the hundreds per week. Aeroflot alone operates up to 45 flights from the capital, and in total it plans about 120 weekly flights to Turkey from different cities. A dozen other air carriers fly on the popular route with high frequency.

During the season, up to 77 flights per week are expected from St. Petersburg to Antalya, and in total about 120 flights are announced from Pulkovo to Turkey.

Among the new programs this summer are tour packages to Bodrum from Anex and Intourist with a flight from Novosibirsk, Fun & Sun from Mineralnye Vody. Tours to Dalaman are being organized from Yekaterinburg. Tourists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Kazan also fly to resorts on the Aegean coast.

Flights to Turkey

As an example, we found out the cost of tickets on several direct airlines departing on June 22 and returning 2 weeks later, on July 6.

From Moscow, relatively cheap tickets to Istanbul were offered by Ural Airlines – from 33.2 thousand rubles. with luggage up to 10 kg and the same hand luggage. Travel time is about 5 hours. At the same time, the ticket aggregator showed dozens of flights during the day from 6 airlines.

On the Moscow-Antalya line on these dates there are three dozen non-stop flights from 13 air carriers. The most affordable air tickets to Antalya were with Pobeda Airlines – from 37.5 thousand rubles. per seat with the ability to take 10 kg into the cabin and check in the same amount as luggage. The journey takes 5 hours.

From Moscow, tourists fly to the resorts of the Aegean Sea in 4.5 hours. A two-week round trip to Dalaman airport had the best price from Pegasus Airlines – 50.3 thousand rubles. with luggage, the choice is made among four companies. The same carrier offers air tickets to Bodrum from 55 thousand rubles, which is less than its three competitors on the route.

On the route St. Petersburg – Antalya, flights from six carriers are planned on the indicated dates. For example, at Southwind the cost of a round-trip chair is from 55.6 thousand rubles. and additional payment for luggage is another 6.8 thousand rubles. Tickets from Pulkovo to Dalaman were for 73.4 thousand rubles. taking into account luggage from Turkish Airlines, and from the other two airlines everything is given over to tour packages.

To Turkey – on a tour package

Many leading tour operators send tourists to Turkish resorts. The search engines present both cheap tours to Turkey and holidays in premium hotels. For example, we looked at tour packages from June 22 for 14 days for two people.

With departure from Moscow, tours to Antalya, Kemer, Alanya – from 120 thousand rubles. without meals or with breakfast. For 5* hotels with all-inclusive service, the search engine gave minimum prices starting from 197 thousand rubles. in Side and from 240 thousand rubles. in Bodrum.

Tours from St. Petersburg to the resorts of Alanya and Istanbul – from 94 thousand rubles. in “three rubles” for breakfast and from 170 thousand rubles. to “ultra all inclusive” in 5* on the sea.

However, as the level of the hotel increases, the rates, of course, increase. According to travel agencies, the summer holiday budget for a family of three in a good hotel is now at least 500 thousand rubles.

Lira currency – prices in euros

For non-cash payments and cash withdrawals, tourists use UnionPay in Turkey – cards from four non-sanctioned Russian banks. Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” notedthat bank cards were serviced in many places, but far from one hundred percent.

In Bodrum, the payment with the Rosselkhozbank plastic card in Waikiki did not go through, but at the pharmacy everything was fine. In Belek, in The Land of Legends, we paid with a card from this bank at H&M, Mark & ​​Spencer, Zara, but it didn’t work out at McDonald’s. Tourists shared that they had no problems with the RSHB in Antalya and Side.

It is said about Gazprombank cards that they basically go everywhere where there are terminals for UnionPay service. Having the Huawei pay app on your smartphone often helps.

Russians take euros, dollars and rubles for vacation. Having all-inclusive tours, cash was often spent only on souvenirs, transport, and in Marmaris, for example, in May they bought cherries. The exchange offices offered to pay 3.2–3.3 rubles for 1 lira. with the official quotation as of mid-May 1:2.85.

Those who visited shopping centers and outlets on vacation noticed that prices for goods are set in euros, and it is also possible to pay in euros. In small shops, sellers have Russian bank cards in stock, which allows them to transfer the equivalent in rubles via SBP. The same story applies to some hotel guides selling excursions.

Earlier, “TourDom” wrote that the tour operator Anex organizes tours to Antalya with departures from 17 Russian cities; tourists also have access to flights to Dalaman – from 8 airports, and to Bodrum – from 6. Other tour operators have an equally large-scale coverage, including “ Intourist”, Fun & Sun, Coral Travel, Pegas Touristik.

Source: Tourdom



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