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Turkish hotel cancels summer bookings due to renovations

Tourists who have planned a vacation at the popular budget hotel Grand Sunlife 4* in Turkey for the summer are receiving messages with cancellations of already paid reservations. To the surprise of many, the property, which was actively proposed this spring, was not ready to receive guests. This is not just about a later opening closer to the high season, but about the inability to receive tourists throughout 2024. This information was confirmed to the TourDom.ru journalist by hotel representatives. However, they refused to give reasons.

Meanwhile, there is speculation on this matter on social networks. Rumors range from closure for renovation to complete dismantling of the buildings for the construction of a new hotel on the site of the previous one. The latest version was allegedly announced by the hotel representatives themselves. Screenshots of correspondence are provided as confirmation. However, there is a possibility that these are just translation difficulties. The renovation option looks more plausible.

Hotel representatives convince travel agents that they warned their partners in advance and did not renew their contracts until 2024. But not everyone believes these words. If a holiday in this hotel was offered by one specific tour operator, then one could refer to a damaged phone, but here everything was different: “We had tourists going there regularly, so this year we again actively monitored the hotel. At first, all tour operators offered it, then gradually they began to remove it from sales,” confirm subscribers of a closed telegram channel for travel industry professionals “Roof TourDom B2B”.

“Someone here is dishonest. All tour operators cannot play such games at the same time, knowing that the hotel is closed. This is their reputation,” travel agents say.

Some of them report that they have begun to receive offers from tour operators to replace hotels for previously booked tours. True, not all vacationers are satisfied with the options. “Grand Sunlife 4* is clearly not a hotel you should worry about losing. But for the price it will be difficult to find an alternative, especially since tourists bought it during early booking. This moment is much sadder.”

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that Russian tourists were being evicted from a hotel in Bali due to its bankruptcy.

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