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Turkish hotelier: “Türkiye must get rid of the image of a country of cheap holidays”

Turkey must “get rid of its image as a cheap holiday destination” and offer its tourism products “at the price they deserve.” This was stated by the President of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation (TÜRFED), Erkan Yagci, during a plenary session at the international tourism exhibition EMITT-2024 currently taking place in Istanbul. His words are quoted by Turkish media.

According to the head of TÜRFED, hotel prices are rising not only in Turkey, but throughout the world, but the country’s resorts offer the best value for money. He predicted that 2024 will be a “testing year” for the Turkish tourism industry due to rapidly rising inflation. “It’s important to think not so much about the number of tourists who will come to visit us on holiday, but about the income from tourism,” he said, apparently meaning to count on wealthier guests.

Another moderator of the forum, President of the Turkish Hoteliers Association (TÜROB) Müberra Eresin, noted that in the first quarter of this year the number of tourist arrivals to Turkey from Europe is declining. To meet the 2024 goals of 60 million guests and $60 billion in tourism revenue, the focus must be on working with countries further afield – China, India, Japan, Brazil: “We expect these new markets to fill the gaps emerging in other markets.” The head of TÜROB spoke harshly about “competitors in the Middle East” who are trying to “poach Turkey’s tourism potential.” “We will not allow this,” she said, however, without specifying which specific countries that are taking away tourists from Turkey are being discussed.

Let us remind you that for Russian tour operators, Turkish hoteliers and host companies have reduced contract prices in euros for the summer season – 2024 by 10-15%, and some by 27%. However, due to the fall of the ruble, the cost of vacation for our tourists still increased. For people with average incomes, trips to Turkey are becoming less and less affordable. The share of expensive tours that are purchased this year through early booking promotions is growing in total sales – Turkish resorts are now being chosen by wealthier clientele.

Source: Tourdom



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