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Turkish hotels were required not to take re-payments from tourists of a bankrupt tour operator

The German Tourism Safety Foundation (DRSF) has called unacceptable cases in which Turkish hotels require customers of the bankrupt tour operator FTI to re-pay for their stay. Turizmguncel.com reports this.

The publication quoted DRSF head Ali Arnaout as saying: “While we understand the economic difficulties facing local businesses, it is absolutely unacceptable to treat travelers in this way.” According to him, 65 thousand FTI tourists have already returned home from Turkey, but approximately 15 thousand still remain at the resorts.

The top manager recalled that DRSF provided financial guarantees to hoteliers to prevent evictions from hotels. Meanwhile, the fund’s payment obligations relate only to the period of residence from June 4 to June 10. Hotel owners are perplexed as to who and how will compensate them for their costs if a tour from FTI involves the tourist resting after the specified date. In addition, the DRSF guarantee does not apply to services purchased outside of the travel package.

Previously, we described a case where a hotel in Turkey actually took a German tourist hostage, whose accommodation was not paid for by FTI. They threatened to take away his personal belongings and not let him go anywhere until he deposited the money.

Read more about how the collapse of Europe’s third largest tour operator occurred and what the prospects are for clients in the online magazine.

Source: Tourdom



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