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Turkish tour operators: “Russian tourists began to choose hotels of a lower level”

A 10% increase in tourist flows from Russia is expected in Antalya, Turkey in 2024. Hamit Kuk, Advisor to the President of the Association of Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) explained their forecasts to the hurriyet publication as follows: “We have achieved the planned early booking indicators in the Russian market: approximately a third of tourists book tours and book hotels in advance. Given these data, we can expect that the 2023 level will be exceeded this year.”

According to a representative of the association, guests from Russia have begun to more often choose hotels below their usual level: “Russians have begun to move from luxury segment options to middle-class accommodation facilities and from middle-class hotels to hotels in the lower price segment.”

At the same time, Russia leads in tourist flow to Antalya: direct flights to this resort are operated from 15 cities. Germany ranks second in terms of the number of tourists, followed by Great Britain and Poland.

At the same time, representatives of the Turkish tourism industry note that recently, due to high prices and the inability to obtain a residence permit in Antalya, Russians are partially reoriented to other destinations for permanent residence. In particular, the number of Russian citizens has increased in Dubai, but “has not yet reached high numbers.” Due to the outflow of Russians who rented housing in Antalya, rental prices in this resort even began to show a downward trend.

Considering the high growth rate of tourist flow from Germany, this country may overtake Russia in the number of tourists in the near future.

Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TourDoma” express doubts about the forecasts of representatives of the Turkish tourism industry. “With such a pricing policy and exchange rate, it is unlikely that last year will be surpassed. Tours have become very expensive.”

But there is another opinion: “People will go, but for fewer days and book a simpler hotel. After all, we need to rest.” Some even believe that there is practically no alternative to a summer holiday in Turkey: “Firstly, the flight is not long. Secondly, children’s clubs, animation, entertainment for different ages. Thirdly, the food is adapted to our taste.”

In 2023, Antalya received almost 3.5 million Russian tourists, a 14% increase was recorded compared to 2022.

Source: Tourdom



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