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Türkiye is betting on wealthy tourists and will build 295 4 and 5 star hotels

In 2024/2025, 295 hotels of categories 4 and 5* will be built and put into operation in Turkey, which will be able to accommodate about 110 thousand guests. This was reported on Friday, February 9, by the Turkish publication turizmnews.com. Investments will amount to about 76 billion Turkish liras (almost 227 billion rubles).

New complexes will appear in three main tourist regions with developed infrastructure, where guests will not regret spending money on entertainment – these are Istanbul, Antalya and Mugla.

The construction of quality hotels is being carried out within the framework of a new strategy, which the Turkish authorities have recently begun to actively promote: “The country must get rid of the image of a country of cheap holidays.” As Erkan Yagci, president of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation, said in 2024, “it is extremely important to think about tourism revenues, not the number of tourists.”

By the way, over the past year, tourists replenished the Turkish treasury by $54.3 billion, which is 16.9% higher than in 2022. At the same time, the number of tourists also increased to 49.2 million. This is the sixth highest figure in the world after France, Spain, the USA, China and Italy.

However, the Turks are going to squeeze out their closest competitors in terms of ratings and announce plans to welcome 60 million tourists in 2024, who will spend $60 billion on vacation.

As of the end of last year, there are over 20.1 thousand certified hotels in Turkey with a total room capacity of 1.7 million beds.

The large construction of high-level hotels in Turkey is being carried out with the expectation of attracting solvent foreigners, including from Russia. Our compatriots eagerly go on vacation to Antalya precisely because of the large selection of quality hotels. There are not enough of them at Russian resorts: according to PCT estimates, there are about 350 5* hotels in the entire country, which is very few.

The logical solution should be state support for the construction of quality hotels and the creation of centers of attraction for solvent tourists that can compete with foreign resorts.

In Russia there is a project “New Anapa” with 15–25 thousand rooms, which could in the future fill the niche of high-quality coastal hotels. But while it is at the design stage, the emphasis is on supporting prefabricated hotels: campsites, glampings, etc. In total, by the end of this year, 14.5 thousand new rooms in modular hotels should appear in Russia with the participation of the state.

The government believes that such hotels can help make holidays in Russia more affordable and increase the number of domestic trips. According to the plan, by 2030 their frequency should increase from the current 75 million per year to 140 million. However, whether modular hotels can have a positive impact on solving this problem is a big question.

To increase the number of rooms, glamping sites need to be created in the thousands. At the same time, the survival of such projects and the return on investment in them is not obvious to specialists. One of the arguments: as a rule, it is not enough for a tourist to just have a beautiful tent or house at his disposal. It needs an entertainment infrastructure, and in this regard it is difficult for glamping to compete with traditional hotels.

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