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Türkiye risks leaving the top 3 countries popular among Russian tourists

The head of a large Turkish tourism holding, Orhan Sancar, shared alarming forecasts for the prospects for tourism to his country from Russia.

“Sales of tours to Turkey have stopped. We cannot compete with other countries – Egypt, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, which “attack” with favorable price offers even in the summer season. We risk losing our place in the top 3 popular foreign holiday destinations among Russians,” he writes in his author’s column in the online publication turizmguncel.com.

The specialist draws attention to successful early bookings, thanks to which hoteliers managed to sell a fairly significant share of rooms for the summer season. However, now, according to his assessment, sales are stagnating. “I have previously noticed that hotel prices for July-August are too high, and this could become a problem,” he notes. At the same time, the expert calls high inflation in Turkey an obstacle to reducing tariffs. Hoteliers enter into contracts with foreign, including Russian, tour operators in euros, the exchange rate of which has stabilized against the Turkish lira in recent months. And domestic prices and, accordingly, hotel costs are growing rapidly.

The head of one of the large Russian tour operators called the article of his Turkish colleague “overly emotional.” According to him, it is difficult to argue with the fact that sales of tours to Turkey have recently slowed down somewhat, but there is no talk of any “stopping” of them. Tourists really react painfully to not the most friendly prices at Turkish resorts. Some are looking at alternative, cheaper options in other popular beach holiday countries. For example, in Egypt and the UAE. When special offers appear, long-distance destinations such as Thailand are also considered. All this is partly slowing down sales of tours to Turkey, and if Turkish hoteliers do not find ways to offer better rates, they may lose some of their clientele to competing destinations.

We previously wrote that some popular 5* hotels in the Belek resort have reduced prices for the coming dates, but so far the emergence of SPO cannot be called a stable trend.

Source: Tourdom



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