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Two hours without a phone: tourists complain about strict security guards at the visa center

Tourists are complaining about strict restrictions on phone use at Spain’s visa application center in Moscow. “I sat in line. It’s just 2 hours of staring at the wall. The guards move around the hall like hawks and keep vigil. As soon as someone takes out the phone, they start shouting: “Put it away, you can only get it in the corridor.” You just want to check the time, because they don’t have a clock anywhere in the room, and you: “No, it’s not supposed to,” people write on social networks, not without surprise.

After such an experience of visiting a visa center, applicants are seriously advised to go apply for Schengen not only with a package of documents, but also with a book. To somehow diversify your pastime.

The news is actively discussed by subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”. Restrictions on the use of a smartphone do exist in many CCs and consulates. But basically these requirements are treated quite democratically, without fanaticism: “I have received visas many times at different visa centers, including Spanish and Italian, but this is the first time I’ve heard about such nonsense.”

Other tourists also confirm the trend: “I recently applied to Italy. Yes, you can’t call, but no one forbade sitting on the phone.” Subscribers report on the current situation in other VCs: “I’m writing to you right now from the German visa center. Everything is fine here.”

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote about the surprise of tourists who saw that the applicants’ documents at the Spanish visa center were stored on the floor.

Source: Tourdom



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