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UTair flight from Sochi to Moscow was delayed for almost a day

UTair flight 268N from Sochi to Moscow was delayed for 20 hours. The Boeing was supposed to take off yesterday at 15:30, it will depart today at 11:40. In any case, this time is indicated in the online scoreboard of Sochi Airport.

As passengers told TourDom.ru, a possible reason for the multi-hour delay was a technical malfunction of the aircraft – airline representatives informed them about the breakdown. “At first there was a delay until 16:30, then the time was extended every half hour, and then they said that maybe they wouldn’t fly at all today,” our interlocutors shared. And one of the tourists, who was flying on a different flight, saw a UTair Boeing with technical specialists working near it.

At approximately 21:00 it became finally clear that the flight would not take place on Saturday, and the passengers were taken to the Sochi Park Hotel, where they were accommodated for the night. The editors of TourDom.ru sent a request to UTa airline with a request to comment on the reason for the delay.

On Friday, we wrote that Aeroflot had postponed a flight from Male (Maldives) to Moscow for more than a day. While waiting, passengers were accommodated in a hotel and provided with food and drinks.

Source: Tourdom



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