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UVT Aero is expecting two new Tu-214s in 2025: is this even realistic?

The UVT Aero airline said that it expects to receive the first two Tu-214 aircraft in October 2025. Two more, as the company’s general director Petr Trubaev said, should come in October 2026. The company has already begun to develop a route network for these aircraft, but it is not yet clear whether they will even be ready by the specified deadline.

The thing is that according to the plan, the Kazan Aviation Plant was supposed to assemble three Tu-214s in 2023. But in the end, according to the editor of the avia.ru portal Roman Gusarov, not a single one was ready – the Red Wings airline received not a new, but a restored airliner. At the same time, UVT Aero is far from the first airline in line for these aircraft. In 2024, Aeroflot should receive five Tu-214s (11 by the end of 2025).

“This year the plant promises five more aircraft. How will it be – 3 + 5, taking into account last year’s? Or 3 + 2? If last year they didn’t have time to make three, then it’s unclear how this year there will be five planes at once. What will happen by 2025 is also unknown. If there are planes, both Aeroflot and UVT will receive them gradually, if not, they will wait in turn,” explained Roman Gusarov.

Another important problem is that the Tu-214 requires three crew members: a commander, a co-pilot and a flight engineer. Aeroflot has already put forward demands that the company needs an aircraft for a crew of two members. But Rostec reported that they plan to begin testing such an airliner only in 2026.

“Red Wings Airlines has such a training system, and it is certainly ready to help other companies with the training of flight engineers. The technology is not lost forever, so we will have to learn and remember. The main thing is that there is a place to study,” noted Roman Gusarov.

General Director of UVT Aero Petr Trubaev also mentioned that the company has already retrained six pilots for this type of aircraft: “As soon as the opportunity arises, we will be able to start them directly for training. There is an agreement with one of the Moscow airlines, which kindly agreed to train them. This agreement remains in effect.”

The first flight on the restored Tu-214 took place at the end of last week. Passengers have already shared their impressions of the flight – their opinions about the new airliner differ.

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