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“Vacation is lost”: a resident of Tver complained about the inability to buy tickets to Anapa

A resident of Tver was unable to buy train tickets to Anapa departing from her city: at the time sales opened, there was no longer a single free seat on the two trains traveling from St. Petersburg and Murmansk. A reader told the editors of TourDom.ru about this.

Natalya was going to buy tickets for herself, her husband and two children online on her own for June 23: from the 24th, the family paid for accommodation in an Anapa hotel.

On March 26 at 8 am, 90 days before the train departed, the sale was supposed to open. However, having opened the Russian Railways website, a resident of Tver discovered that not a single ticket was issued for trains No. 293 and 259 from Murmansk and St. Petersburg, passing with a stop in Tver.

The next day, March 27, the situation repeated itself. On this day, tickets for June 24 were supposed to appear, but on this date there were not a single place from Tver to Anapa on the indicated trains.

At the same time, seats on train No. 259 were available for booking, but from St. Petersburg. “Thus, Russian Railways forces residents of Tver to purchase tickets from the final point of the route – from St. Petersburg, which leads to overpayment,” Natalya concluded.

According to her, in response to all requests she received replies that “access to tickets was provided to all cities along the train route,” however, a screenshot taken by the passenger confirms the opposite – there were no free seats from Tver to Anapa at the time sales opened.


“The children were looking forward to a vacation, but most likely, due to the actions of Russian Railways, we will have to cancel the hotel reservation and the vacation will be lost, since we cannot afford plane tickets. Should residents of Tver stay at home? – the tourist asks a rhetorical question. They call on the editors to “draw public attention” to the problem of Tver residents, and call the actions of Russian Railways illegal. The editors sent a request to Russian Railways asking for comment on the situation.

In the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma,” meanwhile, they are arguing whether Natalia’s claims are justified. Some consider the problem far-fetched. She is advised to buy tickets from Tver for another train to Anapa, for example, for a double-decker on June 25. As of 18:00 on March 28, they were in stock.


Alternatively, you can travel to the resort from Moscow by traveling from Tver to Leningradsky Station by Lastochka or regular train. Readers are sure that tickets for June from the capital are still on sale. “I live in St. Petersburg. When there are no seats on direct trains from our city, for example, everything is sorted out, then I buy through Moscow, there is always more choice there. It’s more important for me to get to the point, taking into account possible additional costs. And I also have children, we go with the whole family,” said one of the subscribers.

Source: Tourdom



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