Isabel Segura and Juan Martínez de Marcilla They are two of the best-known people from Teruel, despite the fact that their love story does not have a happy ending and that he always appears with them. the unfair tagline of “she is stupid and he is stupid.” Theirs was a love story that could not be. Are the Spanish Romeo and Juliet and who are remembered on these dates with a great party in the city. You can check all the dates and events on the website

The Aragonese city remembers its most famous lovers with a great party on these dates

But to bring you up to date on this tragedy, I just want to tell you that Isabel Segura was very much in love with Juan Martínez de Marcilla, but her father did not want her to marry him. In the end she agreed to make a deal with her lover. He should go to war to amass fortune that would allow him to support his wife as his daughter deserved. To achieve this he had a period of time, after which, if he did not achieve it, Mr. de Segura would marry his daughter to another of the suitors. Although you already know that the story did not end well, it is best to know the outcome right there, and if it is during the recreation that is held every year in Teruel, much better.

Lake Trnovačko.

The most romantic and curious lake: it is heart-shaped and hidden between mountains

Mausoleum of the Lovers of Teruel.
Mausoleum of the Lovers of Teruel.

The picture

After knowing the story of these unfortunate lovers, it is essential to visit the Mausoleum of Lovers, where the sculptor’s work Juan de Avalos captivates by its beauty and its meaning. Two figures that lie eternally next to each other, but without touching each other. The ticket includes a visit to Saint Peter, one of the great examples of Mudejar art in the city and worth visiting.

View of Ujué, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

One of the most beautiful towns in Spain is in Navarra: a sanctuary-fortress that dominates the valleys

Tower of El Salvador.
Tower of El Salvador.

It’s not the only one

Although the story of these lovers is the most famous, in Teruel there were other love stories that marked the future of its history and also its architecture. And, after the similarity of the towers of El Salvador and San Martín another beautiful legend is hidden. On this occasion the protagonists are Omar and Abdullah, two Mudejar artisans, that is, Muslims who had stayed in the reconquered territories and worked on Christian works. They both fell in love with Zoraida and she wanted to resolve that matter in a not very romantic way. She would stay with whoever got up the most beautiful tower.

Behind the similarity of the towers of El Salvador and San Martín lies another beautiful legend

Listening to this legend while appreciating the details of these Mudejar style towers will help us understand many of their secrets. In addition to appreciating two of the treasures that the 13th century left in Teruel.

Arch of the main entrance and tower of the Mudejar cathedral of Teruel.
Arch of the main entrance and tower of the Mudejar cathedral of Teruel.

The “Sistine Chapel” of Mudejar art

If this had to exist, it obviously had to be in Teruel. To know it you just have to visit the Cathedral of Santa María de Mediavilla and better to do it in time. From the outside, its tower will catch our attention and from the inside we will not be able to stop looking up. Its wooden roof is painted with both geometric motifs as heraldic and figurative (offices, kings, knights, nobles or saints), constituting a true encyclopedia of medieval life. This is one of the reasons why it is known as the “Sistine Chapel” of the Mudejar.

Ainsa, Huesca

One of the most beautiful towns in Spain is in Aragon: an imposing castle and medieval streets

The historic Oval Staircase of Teruel.
The historic Oval Staircase of Teruel.

A classic

The nerve center of the city is presided over by its famous torico, But this is not the only thing that will attract our attention. Next to the arcades we find magnificent examples of modernist architecture, undoubtedly the perfect point to start a route that will take us through other buildings scattered throughout the center. From this same period it is the grand neo-Mudejar style staircase on Paseo del Óvalo, the liveliest street in Teruel, and where you can rest while enjoying a good portion of another of its treasures, the ham with Designation of Origin.

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