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Vending machines in Dubai with elite perfumes reminded tourists of the Soviet past

A video with new vending machines has gone viral on social networks. machine guns in Dubai, which offer everyone the opportunity to spray themselves with luxury perfume. For just 10 dirhams (about 250 rubles at today’s exchange rate), the equipment is ready to spray the client with one of five scents. The main thing is to get closer and prepare for an “attack” from a special hole. Judging by the footage, such equipment is also being installed near the beaches.

“So this is not a new product from the sheikhs. And the well-forgotten old. And ours. In Soviet times, there were cologne vending machines in hairdressing salons,” recall subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of the TourDom”discussing the news.

Not everyone believes in the viability of the business idea implemented in the Emirates in 2024: “Why pay? In shopping centers, at every turn they offer you a drink for free, sometimes very persistently. It’s better to be poor there than at the machine guns. Or buy yourself some perfume the normal way.” Others believe that due to prices and exchange rates, some tourists may be interested in such a vending service, which is ready to burst with expensive aroma. But they definitely shouldn’t be placed on the beaches: “The best perfume is there – fresh wind, the natural smell of the sea, freshness and cleanliness.”

Some have already figured out on the fly how to smell expensive and rich, while spending a minimum of money: “Vanguyu: there will be those who want to save money and will stand under such a spray together.”

We previously reported that in duty free at Uzbekistan airports they will install vending machines for selling precious metal bars.

Source: Tourdom



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