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“We walked for more than a kilometer with our suitcases”: tourists missed their flight to Hurghada because the terminal was closed

Due to the closed entrance to international terminal C of Sheremetyevo Airport, tourists did not catch their flight to Egypt. A travel agent told Tourdom.ru about this: “My clients did not fly from Moscow to Hurghada today. A tourist is crying: her vacation is gone.”

Aeroflot flight SU 422 was scheduled to depart at 08:10. The entrance to Terminal C from the parking lot was closed at 05:20 for about 2 hours. According to passengers, there was no warning about this.

People entered the airport terminal through Terminal B. “We had to walk more than a kilometer with our suitcases, there was a strong crush, we stood in line for about 40 minutes. No one knew how to get there, the employees did not inform how to get to C.”

Having checked in their luggage, passengers ran as fast as they could, begging people to let them skip the line. Arrived at gate C137 at 07:52. But the employee said: “That’s it, you’re late.”

According to tourists, due to the crowds, about 15 people did not make it to the flight; these were families with children. “We asked the girl to call the manager so that we could be allowed on the plane, but she was rude and turned the passengers back without telling us where to go or what to do.” As a result, the plane took off without tourists. Those who were late wrote a complaint to the Sheremetyevo administration: “Voucher for 150 thousand rubles. It just burned down due to the fault of the airport. I ask you to compensate for material and moral damage.”

“It makes sense for tourists to contact the Federal Air Transport Agency with a request to understand the situation and provide clarification: who is responsible in this case,” says Maria Chapikovskaya, a lawyer at the Pink Elephant travel agency network.

At the same time, she advises sending claims to the airport and the airline: “Sheremetyevo may be held liable if the passenger proves a cause-and-effect relationship between his lateness and the situation in the terminal. But there are a lot of introductory information here: how long before the tourist arrived at the airport, are there any other latecomers, can he provide photo and video evidence, etc.”

The lawyer warns that it will most likely not be possible to quickly resolve the issue of compensation unless the airport or airline provides passengers with free tickets on the next plane. Therefore, tourists can be recommended to book seats on the flight to Hurghada on their own and notify the tour operator about this so that the return ticket is saved. In the future, you can try to recover damages.

Subscribers of the telegram channel “Roof of TurDoma” believe that passengers could have caught the flight if they had arrived at the airport 2.5–3 hours before departure: “Terminals B and C are one building, not far from there. In addition, it was possible to enter the building via an overpass if there was a traffic jam at the entrance from the parking lot.”

The entrance to International Terminal C was closed from 05:20 to 07:30 am. The cause of the overlap was a lighter in the shape of a live grenade found on the passenger.

Source: Tourdom



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