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Wealthy tourists are increasingly choosing holidays in Turkey

A top manager of one of the major tour operators shared an interesting observation with the TourDom.ru portal. The company compared the indicators of early booking of holidays in Turkey with last year and came to the conclusion: most often tourists choose tours of the same duration for the summer season – 10 days, while the average bill decreased by 12%, if prices are recalculated in euros.

Of course, tour packages are sold for rubles, the analysis was done in European currency, since it is in this currency that the contracts of tour operators with Turkish hoteliers and host companies are denominated. As we wrote earlier, hotels in Turkish resorts have reduced rates for Russian partners by an average of about 20% (various market participants cited figures from 10–15 to 27%. – Ed.). At the same time, the average check for actual bookings is only 12% less, from which we can conclude that tourists have begun to more often choose hotels of a higher level.

This fact was confirmed to us by another large tour operator company. The most popular summer tourist destination is becoming less accessible to budget tourists. Pay for tours from 110 to 120 thousand rubles. for a week for two (the minimum standard for early booking in Turkey) can be afforded by clients with high incomes, and they prefer a comfortable vacation, albeit for an even higher price tag. Therefore, tours to 5* hotels of the deluxe and premium level are primarily in demand. Such accommodation facilities are traditionally purchased through early booking, but this year their share in total sales is growing, trend tour operators note.

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Source: Tourdom



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