The Aurora borealis have become one of the protagonists of this first quarter of 2024, since their eleven year cycle It is at its peak, so it can be seen with impressive splendor and clarity. The best places to see this extraordinary light phenomenon are the countries that are near the Arctic Circle, as Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland or Canada, although what few people know is that they can also be contemplate from Spain if you know where to find them.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to travel to the northernmost places from Norway, nor to Finnish Lapland nor to Reykjavík to be able to glimpse the northern lights, since there are certain areas of Spain in which these northern lights, despite the fact that be residual, They also appear from time to time in the night sky, although only in certain very specific places on the planet. Iberian Peninsula.

Svalbard Islands in Norway

The Norwegian islands where the day lasts four months and the northern lights are magical

Where to see the northern lights in Spain

NORTHERN LIGHTS IN SOUTHERN EUROPE?  These days, the hypothesis has been circulated that yesterday, April 23, we would be witnessing a solar storm.  A powerful flare from the Sun hit the Earth and caused a “strong” geomagnetic storm, forming spectacular northern lights far to the south.  Just a few kilometers from Cáceres (Spain), this possible phenomenon could be witnessed on the night of Sunday, 4/23/2023.  NORTHERN LIGHTS IN SOUTH EUROPE?  These days, the hypothesis has been around that yesterday, April 23, we would be witnessing a solar storm.  A powerful flare from the Sun struck Earth and caused a
Aurora borealis in Cáceres.

Can seem implausible, but seeing the northern lights in Spain is possible, although to do so you will have to travel to some areas of the autonomous communities in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, such as Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, Basque Country or Navarra. The cycle of these light phenomena and the solar storms It will make it possible to contemplate these incredible scenes on a completely clear night.

View from Ekenbergparken over the Sørenga district, a new neighborhood on the Oslo Fjord.

Five unique places in Oslo that you probably don’t know about (and can visit)

Another of the best places where the northern lights are very likely to illuminate the clear night sky is Extremadura, strange as it may seem. Despite not being in very northern latitudes, these have already appeared in the autonomous community. luminescence in the past, like for example last year. Therefore, instead of traveling to Bodø, Tromso (Norway), Rovaniemi (Finland) or Akureyri (Iceland), you can simply drive to the north of Spain or to some small town in Cáceres.

When to see the northern lights in Spain

Due to the cycle of the northern lights, the best time to try to ‘hunt’ one of these wonders of nature will be starting in August, although if you want to have a better chance of not making the trip in vain, the safest thing is to travel since October of this same year, since from then on they will begin to shine with more intensity and frequency. The maximum brilliance of the celestial spectacle can be enjoyed until the month of March 2025.

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