Every year, travel preferences change and this one was no different. There are already new ones countries that have positioned themselves as the most desired tourist destinations in 2024, like India, Chile or Mongolia. However, not all proposals are so far from Spain, since there are options within Europe that promise paradisiacal beaches and incredible landscapes. Croatia is one of them.

This Balkan country has seen the number of visitors increase exponentially in recent years. And it is not surprising: it offers everything from beautiful historical cities, such as Dubrovnik, to dream coasts on the Dalmatian islands that attract tourists every summer. An unforgettable destination that, to be able to discover it properly, is important organize your trip to Croatia well and we give you some keys to do it.

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The best tours to get to know Croatia

One of the destinations that should not go unnoticed on our trip to Croatia is the capital of the country, which is why the free tour by Zagreb It is a mandatory activity. This Civitatis proposal is designed to discover the historic helmet and contemplate its main monuments, be it the Puerta de Piedra, the Farmacia de las Águilas (it has been open for seven centuries) or the Plaza San Marcos.

Visit Croatia and not stop in the city you chose Game of Thrones as location for filming is, practically, a crime. Therefore, the tour that combines the guided tour of Duvbrovnik plus a tour of the series’ settings from HBO Max is perfect: you can combine the essential monuments of the old city center with those of King’s Landing.

Enjoy of free tour by Split It is another of the essential proposals of any trip to Croatia. This coastal city Dalmatia region It is famous for its rich heritage, art and history, starting with its Roman vestiges, such as the Temple of Jupiter, or the medieval ones, visible in the town hall building.

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Ideas for organized trips to Croatia

The village of Slunj is located on the quiet banks of the Slunjčica and Korana rivers.  Tourists will have the opportunity to delve into the ancestral culture of the place thanks to the promotion of local songs, dances and liturgical rituals and the restoration of historical buildings.
The village of Slunj is located on the quiet banks of the Slunjčica and Korana rivers.

More and more users are joining the travel trend for those who do not have time to look for options: organized (or even surprise) options to discover new destinations. Croatia included. In fact, it is easy to come up with different proposals, both in terms of days, route or budget to adapt, at all times,

For example, through Evaneos, there is an option to organized family trip to Croatia of seven days. In this proposal, as can be read in the description, you will enjoy some active and fun vacation perfect to do with children in dream settings, from impressive waterfalls in the Krka National Park to the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea, without forgetting a cultural tour of the country’s main cities.

A high intensity proposal for the whole family that also has a more intimate version perfect for the summer: the circuit by Dubrovnik and the 101 Dalmatian Islands. In 7 days, in addition to enjoying the cultural charm of this city, You will travel to the impressive islands of Lokrum, Korčula and Mljet between lush nature and the sea, experiencing local life in optional activities, such as a cooking class to taste Croatian cuisine or a fun bicycle excursion combined with local wine tastings.

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