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Working women in Thailand at night are ready to meet any tourist fully armed

Women working at 7-Eleven markets on the tourist street Bangla Road in Thailand are now ready to welcome any overnight guest, regardless of his sanity and intentions. They have undergone a special training course, originally intended for nightclub security guards, which clearly has a self-defense component.

Employees selling in stores were instructed how to properly respond to certain illegal actions of visitors. And this really happens. Still, on the street of night entertainment, clients in a state of intoxication have a variety of moods.

The courses also taught the rules of first aid. It is unclear whether the second skills will be needed after applying the first, but let us remind you that initially These are courses for brutal security guards.

The courses were launched quite recently. This is due to the increase in opening hours of nightlife establishments and the sale of alcohol in some tourist provinces of the kingdom. The tourist police are thereby trying to introduce preventive measures in case of a possible increase in the number of incidents.

Earlier, TourDom.ru wrote that a Russian-speaking tourist in Pattaya destroyed two 7-Eleven stores on Walking Street.

Source: Tourdom



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